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10 Ways the new Magic Wall System is better than traditional basement wall finishing Traditional Wall System Magic Wall System
Traditional Wall System
Magic Wall System
1. Designed specifically for basement environments:
Magic Wall System was designed to endure the pressures and moisture problems associated with most basement areas, while forming a waterproof barrier
2. Creates a waterproof barrier:
The material that our Magic Wall System is constructed of does not retain water, or moisture, unlike traditional insulative materials
3. Uses water and mold resistant insulation:
By not allowing the material to retain water or moisture, mold and other harmful effects of moisture retention are significantly reduced
4. Has an insulation value of R16:
R16 is one of the best ratings for wall insulation. Having this rating on your basement finishing system can significantly reduce energy cost in your home
5. Drywall sits on waterproof, mold-resistant riser:
By not allowing moisture or water into the risers, you can stop mold related problems at the base
6. Short installation time (less than half!)
Not only can you save energy costs by using our Magic Wall System, but you can also save money on installation time. Panels are precut, and easy to modify for any basement situation
7. Straight, walls, ever if the foundation walls aren't straight:
Magic Wall will give you a straight and level wall, making decorating that much easier
8. Engineered walls that exceed building code by 4X
Having a strong wall means that you can hang heavy shelving and TV systems without worrying about the structural integrity of the wall
9. Flexable, and simple electrical outlet placement
The Magic Wall System was designed from the ground up to be flexable and easy to use in any basement layout or situation
10. Fire retardant material for your family's safety
Magic Wall is made from a flame and fire retardant material, adding safety and peace of mind to your home

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