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Special Ceiling Tiles - Designed for the Basement

The Basement Doctor's Linen and Prestige ceiling tile options are made specifically for the unique conditions a finished basement presents. Created out of an inorganic mineral fiber composition instead of wood fibers, our 2' by 2' by 3/4" basement ceiling tiles are water resistant and have a warranty against mold and mildew.

Our ceiling tiles are fully compatible with 2' by 2' fluorescent lighting and downlighting. They're firm, solid panels with warranty against sagging and come lined with a solid white crown molding that give our tiles a sophisticated, finished look!

We also offer the traditional dry wall ceilings and our favorite, the blackout ceiling. The blackout ceiling is a contemporary, cost effective and maintenance free alternative to the drop ceiling and dry wall approach. We use an anti-microbial paint that protects all components of the basement ceiling from mold and mildew while resulting in no loss of height as well. Our blackout treatment is 1/3 the cost of drop ceilings and 1/2 the cost of drywall ceiling. The blackout treatment is barely noticeable because the can lighting provides a separation to the eye and the black above the lights are simply a shadow. To learn more about our ceiling treatments, contact us now.

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  • Drop Ceiling Basement
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