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Customer Name: Susan M.

Location: Columbus, OH 43230

Project Manager: Jarrod McDonald


The homeowner called in to The Basement Doctor because she wanted to finish her basement. The home was previously owned by her mother, but she purchased the home from her mom’s estate. As stated by the homeowner, the basement was a place where items just collected over time. The basement was full of furniture, holiday items, and random clutter that made the space unusable. She also had a washer and dryer occupying more space in the basement area. According to the homeowner, the space was so cluttered that even Henry, the family dog, would not enter the area! She knew what she wanted, and the space at the time was far from what she envisioned. There were three things that were important to her in overhauling her new “dream space”. She wanted a quiet getaway spot, an area to sit in her chair and read, and a place that would allow her to host parties and entertain friends. The homeowner needed her vision brought to life, so she scheduled a free Basement Finishing consultation with The Basement Doctor.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Jarrod McDonald out to conduct the consultation and assess the area. Jarrod’s experience and wealth of knowledge would prove to be essential during the consultation process. After a thorough assessment, Jarrod began to discuss options with the homeowner that would make her dream a reality. After the homeowner’s approval, The Basement Doctor crew was able to proceed with the basement finishing project. They were able to transform the basement into usable space while adding some great extra touches. As you come down the stairs, a divide was created for an entertainment side and a quiet “nook” side for reading. The blackout ceiling selected by the homeowner created the perfect ambiance for both spaces. The newly finished areas make the basement perfect for hosting big gatherings or some relaxation time. Oh, and Henry the dog couldn’t wait to check out the new basement! The goal was achieved and the customer was satisfied. The Basement Doctor takes great pride in building a trustworthy relationship with customers and giving them peace of mind in the process. Just ask your friends and neighbors!

Special Consideration

Basement Finishing isn’t just a decision, it’s an investment! The homeowner did have other companies out for bids on the project, but there was a major element that helped The Basement Doctor successfully earn her business… honesty. The homeowner stated that The Basement Doctor was very upfront about time and permits that would be needed to do this job according to the area and zoning regulations. She stated other companies tried to act as if zoning regulations could be “worked” around, which raised a big red flag. She stated that she hesitated to have our company out initially because of the wait time to secure her appointment. The customer service representative stressed to her that The Basement Doctor was worth the wait, and that was the initial bond of trust. She stated had it not been for our “amazing” customer service representative, she would have never made the appointment. But now, she couldn’t be happier with her decision.




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